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Tips for Party Makeup

Get set for a remarkable professional party makeup! Here are some interesting tips to apply makeup in the best possible professional manner. Always remember that too much make up will make you look like cake icing. On the contrary, you need to highlight your facial features.

Face Cleansing

Your party make up will start with face cleansing. You need to use a gentle, quality cleanser. It would be advisable to avoid aggressive cleaners or soaps. For instance, if you have oil and dry combo skin then go for a gel-based or mild foaming cleanser. If you have oily skin laced with breakouts, then go for an oil-free face wash or a face wash containing salicylic acid. Facewash containing aloe, glycerin and Vitamin E is apt for dry skin, whereas alcohol-free and fragrance-free face wash is good for sensitive skin.


A good moisturiser is required for the protection of your skin from the elements. It effectively primes your face and builds a smooth surface to apply your party make up. So, that it remains for the whole day long. Here are some major things to be considered before using moisturiser. For instance, thicker cream locks moisture is apt for a dry or sensitive skin. If you have a normal skin then go for cream-based moisturisers as they hydrate, whereas water based lotion is good for young or oily skin.


Before applying foundation, you must apply a primer as it evens your skin tone. Take some ice and rub your face for few minutes, as it will cool your face and tightens pores. Hence, the party makeup will stay for a longer period of time. Now apply this primer evenly.


A good concealer effectively covers blemishes and spots. Your concealer colour must be in accordance with your skin colour. Take a small brush and apply. In order to mix well, you must dab it with your fingers. If you apply the concealer in a triangular formation then it will hide the dark circles under your eye.


Now, the next step for your party makeup will be application of a foundation to your face for a flawless and beautiful look. You need to mix it appropriately where concealer is applied. For best results, you must use the makeup sponge. An illuminator is required to give your skin dewy and radiant look. The brush to be used for applying foundation must be moved in a circular motion.


Your party make up will stay for a longer period of time by applying powder. The powder must be translucent and matches the shade of your foundation.


You must apply eyelid primer as it will be helpful in making your eyeshadow last for a long time. If you are attending formal events, then use greys or browns. Shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for party makeup. Now apply eye shadow followed by using a liquid or pencil eye liner. Use mascara accordance with your hair colour with a mascara brush wiggling it across the brush.


Apply blush in a gentle manner to give a natural look and brightens your cheeks. For good results, you must smile while applying blush and must get the desired skin tone.

Lip Liner

You must go for a liner colour that matches the lipstick shade. It will be helpful in holding your lipstick for a long time.


Now apply lipstick according to your skin tone and makeup. Just follow these effective party makeup tips and have a memorable time!

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