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Special Occasion or Engagement Makeup Tips

Love is in the air! Planning to make your engagement memorable! Getting ready for that special date with best of dress and makeup is the best way to raise the temperature! Choose a sexy as well as a pretty dress with a right blend of makeup. If your beloved loves naturally pretty makeup then go for natural looking makeup. You must go for a soft and pretty dress and makeup.

On the contrary, if he loves strong women then go for sultry lips or smokey eyes. As eyes are the first things to be noticed, you need to take care of your eye makeup. You should go for the radiant or pretty look on your engagement.

To start your engagement makeup, you must select a main eye shadow color. For those having warm skin tones, you must select corals, salmons, peaches, and browns as the main eye shadow color. Apply a Coral eye shadow fully over the eyelid, followed by a smokey charcoal or dark brown in the crease of the lid. You can highlight your eyes with a shimmery beige.

In case, you have cool skin tones, and your eyes are blue or green then go for eye shadow in that shade of blue or green as the main shadow color. Your eye color would simply look mesmerizing. If you have dark brown or black eyes then a contrasting color such as lilac would work.

You can also highlight your engagement makeup using a pale shimmer. For warm skin color, it would be advisable to go for a pale gold highlighter or a shimmery warm beige or very pale shimmery peach. If your skin color is dark, then choose an amber or a darker gold. For cool skin color, silver, cool beige or a pale pink for your highlighter will be apt.

Use eyeliner to line your eyes and can hide your dark circles under the eyes with concealer makeup. In order to reduce puffiness, you must place a slice of cucumber over each closed eye before applying eye makeup. In case of mistakes, you must have a cotton bud and eye makeup remover handy in case of mistakes. Just dip the bud in eye makeup and erase mascara smudges or makeup mishaps. Finally, apply mascara! These Engagements make up tips will make you stunning as an angel whereas the occasion will be simply memorable.

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