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Real Asian Traditional Bridal Makeup Tutorial

So, your best friend is all set for the most auspicious occasion of her life! Your joy seems no bound as you are her bridesmaid! But, you are running short of both time and money for a professional touch up. No need to panic, as we will assist you with just a slight preparation and availability of required products.

Lets Begin:

Firstly, you need to clean your face. You need a gentle cleanser or cleansing wipes and moisturizer. Start moisturizing your face well up to the wedding day. It would be advisable to use a moisturizer with SPF to avoid any kind of sunburn.

Now, you will need a primer for minimizing pores, filling in fine lines and giving your makeup a smooth base. All these factors will be helpful in even application. An eyelid primer is also required for your eye makeup to stay for long.

Select an ideal foundation in accordance with your skin type and undertones such as warm, cool or neutral. You need a translucent powder, as this will be helpful in setting the foundation and keep your face from getting shiny. Now, take a big and fluffy brush and focus on your t-zone where oil tends to surface.

Now, start applying bronzer and blush.  A bronzer will give you a gentle sun-kissed glow and your face will not appear washed out. Start by applying it over your cheeks, forehead and chin which are the places where the sun hits naturally hits. With the help of blush, you will add a little pink to your cheeks. This will give a natural facelift to your cheekbones.

It’s time to shape your brows. With brow pencils, you can define and tame your rough eyebrows. This will and make your eyes simply appealing and attractive. It would be advisable to select a shade which is slightly darker than your natural brow color.

Introduction of Colours

Before selecting any color for your make up, you must coordinate with the colors. You must check the bride and bridal party and will not look wildly different from others. Your look gets highlighted a lot with an eyeshadow and lipstick. Wonderful collaboration of a neutral eye shadow, dark eyeliner and soft pink tones for lips and cheeks always makes things beautiful.

Now, its time to work on your eyeshadow! For a longer stay, apply a tiny bit of primer. It would be advisable to apply lighter colors first followed by darker colors to highlight. In order to blend, you need to use a small brush or sponge applicator. If you’re wearing a jewel tone, try a coordinating shadow color one shade lighter or darker than your dress.

For those who are planning to wear a warm color then you must go for a black/gray eyeshadow.

For those who are planning for a black or grey color then any color eyeshadow would be ideal.

Application of waterproof eyeliner would be advisable. For those who are using eyeliner for the first time, here are some significant tips. Start by making small dots along the edge of your lid followed by connecting them. For smooth application, liquid is the easiest one. On the contrary, for beginners, a pencil would be easier to control.

Application of Waterproof mascara would be advisable. For fair-skinned or those having light hair, it would be advisable to go for brown-black instead of jet black. In order to avoid any kind of clumps, you must apply it carefully. Second or third layer is desired. For those who wear contacts, you must go for hypoallergenic products.

Before application of mascara, you must use an eyelash curler that will make your eyes look a little bigger.

For those having sparse, false lashes can add volume.

It’s time to give a last minute finish with your lips. In order to protect as well as fill in lines, you need to do with a thin layer of lip balm or liner. You must go for a shade which will flatter your skin.  While eating, drinking or kissing, the long-wear lipstick is less likely to come off.

Last Minute Preparation

Buy a case or a stylish bag to carry everything in. You must ensure all your brushes are clean and if required have a cleanser or extra cleansing wipes. To keep the brushes dry, you need to have sandwich baggies.

Usage of waterproof makeup is recommended.

Setting spray would be great way to keep your face and look flawless for hours.

For those having oily skin or get shiny then you must use mattifying powder. Another major things to be considered is packing for an emergency kit. You can prepare a clutch or kit with your lipstick, blotting papers, tissues and some other important supplies. Some other little significant things to carry are a nail file, deodorant wipes, clear nail polish and a small sewing kit.


Most of women are scared of experimenting with their looks and makeup. Experimentation with your make up is certainly a complicated issue as we are trying things with our natural appearance and most importantly attitude. So, before doing the make up on your own, you must try it before the D-day. Your eye-makeup can steal the thunder or vice versa.

Mascara is a great way to beautify your eyes as it produces a fringe. The best and ideal colour to use is Black. Right application of mascara and lipgloss, will give you an altogether new experience. While applying eye-shadows you must be extra cautious as they are wet. They need to have a creamy texture. They need not to be dragged on your eyelid. Liquid eye shadows are available in a tube with an applicator. Your eyebrows are an extremely significant area that offers a fantastic impression. Beautiful eyebrows plays key role in enhancing the appearance of your face. For stunning eyebrows, all you need to do is just comb through them with a brush. To do this aptly, you will require a toothbrush.  You can manage them with a gel that is very clear. Another important trick is that eyeliner should be implemented after applying your eyeshadow and until your mascara.

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