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If you are seriously looking for pursuing your career in makeup industry then go for some authentic and genuine make up the academy. By applying a genuine makeup academy, you will be able to learn the best makeup techniques! A good makeup Academy will give a detailed tutorial and training of makeup.

For instance, if you are looking forward to getting specialization in eye make-up, then you must decide a few things like which eye shadow colour will suit you the most as there are a wide range of colours available. , how many colours, and where do I put them? Believe it or not, less is sometimes more in this situation. It would be advisable to avoid too much makeup as it can detract from the features.

Attaining expertise in beautifying your eyes with a simple, but effective eye design, then you have the privilege to apply more colours aesthetically. Most of us are aware that to highlight your eyes beautifully, you need to have two colours, one light and one dark for contrast. The darkest colour mainly grabs the attention. For instance, for those having slightly wide set eyes, then apply the darkest colour towards the middle as well as the inner corner of your eyes. For those having close set eyes then emphasise on the outer corners. You would be able to learn all these tips, techniques and more in a brilliant make up the academy.

In order to add dimension, apply dark shades to the lid along with a fresh lid and shading on the outer corner. On the ¾ of your upper lid, you can apply an off white, cream, or a pale milky pink starting from the inner corner. Now, get your second darker colour, and start shading the outer lid.

Now take your eyeliner and do line just the top lash line or both top and bottom lash line. However, it would be advisable to avoid lining just the bottom lash line as it drags the eye down. Your bottom will look heavier. If you are looking for droopy eyes then apply a light to medium light, fresh colour on your entire top lid. Take a fluffy, medium size crease brush, and apply the darker colour in the middle of the eye socket. Now start rocking the brush back and forth. Hence, a half moon in the crease area will be created and approach the inner corner slowly. So, if you have decided to enter the world of makeup then simply go for the best makeup Academy.

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