Modern Step by Step Engagement Makeup Look Tutorial 2017

Engagement Makeup Tutorial

Get set for one of the most auspicious occasions of your life with perfect Engagement Makeup! This is one of the major turning points of life as it assures marital bliss between a man and his beloved. It is quite obvious for a woman to look stunning amongst all. Your makeup needs to be natural, soft, sweet and yet attractive.
Here are some interesting tips for natural engagement makeup tutorial with color pink! Every girl love pink color as it appears natural at the same time attractive too!

Eye Make

We will start our engagement make up with eye makeup. Use Mac foundation and apply it as a concealer. In case, you have dark circles, then before applying concealer, you should apply a corrector. Cover your eye lid area with a shimmery gold or champagne colour. To attain colour intensity, it would be recommended to use a flat eye shadow brush for this step.
Note: You need to create maximum colour intensity. Avoid going beyond the crease area as well as avoid moving inside the lid area.
Over the outer corner of your eye lid, just a little above the crease area, apply a bright pink eye shadow for a metallic finish. Use a blending brush in a wiper shield motion. You should go with the pink eyeshadow softly as it gives an illusion of deep set eyes. For those having bigger eyes, this step will give a soft smoky effect.
On the lower lash line, apply same pink eye shadow which will give a smoky effect. On the upper and lower lash line, apply dark kohl a bit thicker along with a gel liner to create maximum color intensity. A liquid liner can also work wonders. Use a good mascara to curl your lashes.

Cheek Makeup

As your eye make up is soft, you must apply a soft pink blush in a shimmer finish. With a shimmery blush, you will get a glowing effect to the skin, which is ideal for the occasion.

Lip Makeup

Apply a pretty pink or plum lipstick to the lips to complete the soft pink appearance. Now apply lip gloss to the centre of the lips which will give plump lip effect. You will get a soft makeup look ideal for engagement and parties. This is certainly a beautiful and soft makeup that will make your special day memorable and remarkable.

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