Glitter Eyeliner & Soft Smokey Eyes MakeUp Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial for Basic Eye Shape

Be fashionable, Be Trendy! Here are some great makeup tutorials for basic eye shape that will be simply magnificent. With ever-changing makeup trends, people often advice about the colors you should be wearing. However, we must know that there are few things that don’t change such as the eye color. So, there is no point of changing the basic colors that you wear. For a beautiful and stunning look, here are some basic makeup tutorial guidelines that you need to follow while choosing your eye makeup colors for a mind blowing look.

For those having blue eyes, are blessed with seductive eyes. Get a warm brown or taupe color as your eyeliner color. Your eyes will sparkle with an eye shadow of soft peach, warm rich brown or warm taupe.

If you have green eyes, then your eye make up will look magnificent with eye liners of taupe, purple (or violet) and reddish-brown shades. While choosing eyeshadow, you must go for soft violets, soft peaches, deep purples, warm taupes and golden browns

Brown eyes are also considered as deep and soulful. For brown eyes, makeup tutorial suggests, you must go for eye liners from browns, charcoals, taupes, and purples. Your eye shadow color must be of golden brown, blues, greens, charcoal and purple. Brown eyes are simply sexy and you are free to experiment that looks good on you.

If you have gray eyes then your make up tutorial suggests having eyeliners of charcoal and rich brown, eyeshadows of purple, cool brown or charcoal. If you have hazel eyes then check the hazel shade you have. For those having blue/green hazel eyes, then you can go for blue or green eyes. For green/brown hazel eyes then you must follow green eye makeup tutorial.

According to the makeup tutorial, skin tone is another significant factor in applying eye make. If applied too much of contrast then it will be too dramatic, especially during the daytime. If your skin is not glowing then you must stay away from deep dark eye colors, whereas dark skinned ladies should avoid light eye makeup. These makeup tutorial guidelines for eye make up would be beneficial for you and there is no need to worry about the new color trends.

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