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Tips for Stunning Party Make up

Getting ready for an event or a special occasion! Make the event a memorable experience for you with stunning Party Makeup! For a party, you need to select a trendy attire with matching bags and shoes. To grab the eye balls, just go for Smokey eyes! Smokey Eyes will give a boost to your party makeup.

Here are some significant steps for Smokey Eyes Party Makeup:

To start with, you must select your eye shadow colours. Black and grey are always regarded as the traditional Smokey eye makeup colours. If you are looking for less intense colours then go for violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple. It would be advisable to select eye shadow shades in accordance with your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone.

Secondly, you have to select two colour coordinated eye shadows which comprise of darker feature colour and a lighter supporting colour. With such colour coordination, your Smokey eyes party make up will be outstanding. For those having blue eyes, can go for black or grey, violet, purple or dark blue eye shadow. We will recommend you dark blue eye shadow as this will highlight your blue eyes.

For green or hazel eyes, black or grey, deep khaki, dark green, brown, purple or plum colour eye shadow are best. For those having brown eyes, can go for black or grey, copper, coffee, and brown

After finalising the eye shadow colour, now select eye shadow colour. For those who want to use single eye shadows, then go for a light colour eye shadow in accordance with your eye shadow colour such as lilac, light peach, champagne, taupe, nude or a sand colour. In case you want your eye make up to be dramatic high contrast then go for whitish colour eye shadow.

It would be advisable for a stunning Smokey eyes party make, you must use powdery eye shadows and avoid creamy texture eye shadows as they are not easy to smudge and blend.

Now, the next step for a party make is to select your eyeliner pencil. It would be advisable to select a soft eyeliner pencil of the same colour or a complementary shade. To get a stunning Smokey eye makeup you must go for a Powder liner eyeliner pencil. You can easily blend them. Avoid using liquid eyeliner, as they are ideal for sharper lines. You won’t get a soft and sultry finish.

Now start applying the foundation base. Usually, a full foundation is applied before applying your eye makeup. However, in Smokey eye party makeup, you need to apply your eye makeup first.

Start applying your eyeliner. A black or charcoal eyeliner pencil or a dark eyeliner pencil will do wonders in party makeup. If you will use dark colours then they are tend to make small eyes look even smaller.

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