How to Do Easy Party Makeup Tutorial For Beautiful Looks

Wedding Party Make-Up Tutorial For Beautiful Looks

So, your dear friend is all set to enter into the marital bliss! It’s high time now to make yourself ready for this auspicious occasion. From perfect dressing to flawless less wedding party makeup, you need to do all to look special amongst all. A gorgeous wedding party make up is a major requisite, as Indian weddings are full of razzle and dazzle.

If you are a beginner, then here are some interesting techniques for a stunning makeup for wedding party.


To start with face, you need a foundation according to your complexion to even out your skin tone. Now, start blending it with a foundation brush or a moist sponge. Apply it on your neck. You need a matching concealer to hide any blemish. Apply some loose powder. Your base makeup will remain same either you go for natural or gaudy look.


Eyes are the major highlight of any party make up. Indian weddings represent glitter and glamour. Hence, bright and vibrant eye makeup is required, along with some glittery shadows. For some special effect, you can put eyes with matte shadows and add on some glitters on the lid. To add glitter, you need to apply eyelash glue. It will turn transparent on the eyelid. Leave it for some time. Using a synthetic brush, pat on some glitter over a semi-dry glue.

You need to apply line to the lash-lines in accordance with your comfort. You can go for either pencil or liquid. You can check out eye make up section. There are wide range of eye make up colors are available such as bronze, green, blue and purple eye makeup. These are apt for Indian skin tones as it goes in accordance with your dear. You can also go for smoky eyes for to attain extra dramatic look.


For intense eyes, lighter shade of blush or vice versa would be recommended. You should dust on a little highlighter on your cheek bones during the winter season. You want to make your look more attractive, you must make your skin look dewy and healthy. But, this kind of make up should ne avoided in summer.


For those with heavy eyes, it would be advisable to choose a lighter shade for lips. Browns must be avoided for Indian skin tone. Brown color gives an overall older appearance. If you are looking for perfect nudes, then you can go for browns with slight tinges of pinks. Other wonderful colors are corals and peaches instead of intense colors like reds or maroons. Don’t forget to apply some lip gloss!

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