Blue Smokey Eyes Bridal Makeup Tutorial for Engagement

Tips for Blue Eyes Makeup by KrushbyKonica

KrushbyKonica is one of the leading makeup specialists in Delhi/NCR and is gradually becoming a prominent name in the beauty industry across the country. The brand has done humongous work in the beauty industry and has made thousands of occasions and events memorable. Today, the brand KrushbyKonica is all set to share some interesting tips for Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes is always considered as one of the most seductive and stunning eyes. Applying eye makeup for blue eyes is always bit difficult. Most of the women with blue eyes having lighter skin tones, whereas there are many women with darker skin have light eyes. During summer time, the pale skin blue eyed women often get tanned that changes the way the hue of their eyes looks.

Application of lots of makeup is never been a good idea as stated by the beauty experts of KrushbyKonica. On the contrary, you must use enough that enhances your features. The basic idea behind using a makeup is highlighting your facial features and beautifies in accordance with you. Most of us are not sure that which shade looks perfect on us, as well as the depth of makeup best for them. You need to do a lot of practice to attain wide degrees of makeup to get the best one for you.

Eyes are always regarded as the best features. Most of the women try to enhance the beauty of their eyes to make them stunning and alluring. Another important thing that needs to be considered is the various shade of blue eyes.

KruchbyKonica will tell you wide range of shades of blue eyes. For instance, there are many women having a very dark blue eye, whereas others have common medium to light blue eyes. Women having blue color eyes have small percentage followed by gray eyes and green eyes on occasion. Grey blue dusty eyes are often stated as the simply gray blue.

Shades of Blue do not look good on blued eyed women. For women having deep blue eyes, you can get rid of the vigor of your eyes with dark shades. For dark eyes, dark shades for lining whereas back it up with lighter shades for a layered visual effect.

If you have gray eyes then you may go for light shades. Light shades are apt for gray blue eyes as well as mid blue ones. However, if you have any other query, you can ask the beauty specialists of Krushbykonica by mail.

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