About Us

Krushhh is an upmarket beauty salon with ample services to create magnificent makeovers. We offer world class beauty services and run an academy to teach the art of make-up and styling. The reputation and response that Krushhh has earned in the past couple of years is synonymous with the big names in the industry.

Over a period of time the evolution of make-up has undergone a huge change. Since, no one can actually say when this art was developed, history reveals people have been using make-up from centuries ago. The tombs of Egyptians reveal they had being using make-up been before 3000 BC! Humans have always wanted to look better or rather the best.

“A woman without paint is like food without salt” – Plautus

In today’s era a woman has plenty of options to choose from, the market is flooded with beauty products. But then, are all products safe? Some of these can cause a potential threat to an individual’s skin. Ergo, we pay utmost attention to the products and equipment we use. Premium quality, branded, natural product are used by us so that their skin is unharmed.

We at Krushhh aim to highlight the features of our clients and hide their imperfections to make them look perfect. We offer complete body care services, hair, nails, make-up, skin treatments and more.

The founder of Krushhh, Ms Konica Arora has the passion to make people look beautiful. She along with the top names of the industry has designed the courses taught at the Krushhh academy. These are categorized as (I) personal grooming course & (II) professional make-up course.

The first on is for those who want to look perfect all the time by working on their skin by themselves. Right from which make-up suits which skin type to the advanced make-up artistry is taught in the course.

The latter one is for the individuals who have a flair like Ms Konica to make people look beautiful and stunning. This is a professional course to train individuals in the art of make-up application and personal care. The course duration is longer for this one and it goes in great detail of the art. For more information refer to the courses page.

Coming back to the salon, our entire team is professional trained, skilful and qualified. Apart from creating a desired look for the customer we strive to delivery customer service par excellence. The lively and warm ambience of our salon is guaranteed to win the hearts of our customers. We look forward to honest feedbacks and reviews, which in turn keep us on our toes. We believe this is customer satisfaction is a trophy and we wish to achieve it every time.

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