2017 Best Real Engagement Makeup Tutorial

Engagement Ceremony Makeup Tips

Day Ceremony:

It is preferable not to opt for loud makeup for a ceremony that is held during the daytime. Avoid dramatic colors. Instead go for colors with a matte finish like aqua blue, turquoise, and green. Avoid using too much of red as in that case you won’t be able to differentiate the look from the wedding day as most brides opt for shades of red for the wedding ceremony. It is essential to use colors that reflect a little bit of light.

Night Ceremony:

For a ceremony that is being held at night, one can opt for nicely highlighted eyes with artificial lashes and lots of mascara. Accentuate your eyebrows as bold eyebrows add a lot to the contouring of the face. Enhance your eyes or lips with a metallic finish. Do not add metallic colors to both the eyes and lips as it would look overdone. If you use shimmer on your eyelids, dab very little on or lips just to give them that tinge of shine. Colours like wine and purple used for the lips, teamed with dark kohl eyes with wine tones will make the bride look royal.

Colour Tones

Fair Skin:
Cheeks: A blusher in pink or peach shades would look great on this skin tone.

Eyes: Aqua colors look beautiful on a fair face with vibrant colours available like aqua green, bright blue. One could go for a generic black eyeliner or even use a liner that could be similar to the shade of the eyes.

Lips: Shades of pink and lavender look great on this skin tone. Adding a touch of gloss would complete the look.

Wheatish Skin:

Cheeks: Earthy tones in reds and browns suit this skin tone the best

Eyes: Variations of earthy colors with tints of red and brown can be used for wheatish skin.

Lips: Lovely shades with a reddish brown tint can’t be used on a wheatish skin tone. Shades of plum, mauve, cinnamon,
pale rust and primarily all shades of brown, look great on this skin tone. Go for creamy looking lips.

Dusky Skin:

Cheeks: Colours with tones of orange, wine really compliment this skin tone.

Eyes: Metallic colors can be used to highlight the eyes. Colors like orange, gold, copper, tangerine and other warm tones suit this skin color.

Lips: All dark shades in chocolate brown, dark mauve, dark wine, deep reds and maroons make the lips look rich and lush. Avoid using gloss and go for a matte look instead.

Round face:

A good blusher plays an important role in defining a round face. Matte Bronzer can be used to contour the face and give it a thinner look. Blusher used in triangular directions helps add shape to the cheeks. Blush must also be used on the jaw line to give them a sharper look.

Oval face / Long face: Any kind of makeup would suit an oval face. Not much needs to be done as this is an ideal face shape. However, one can choose to reduce the length of a long face by using a foundation that is two shades darker than the skin tone. This needs to be blended very well to get the desired effect.

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