About Krushhh By Konica

We at Krushhh aim to highlight the features of our clients and hide their imperfections to make them look perfect.

Krushhh is an upmarket beauty salon with ample services to create magnificent makeovers. We offer world class beauty services and run an academy to teach the art of make-up and styling. The reputation and response that Krushhh has earned in the past couple of years is synonymous with the big names in the industry.

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Krushhh Academy

Love For Beauty Is Taste And Creation Of Beauty Is An Art

Personal Grooming Course

This course is specially designed for today’s smart woman or orientated working women who have no time, yet want to upgrade her personal image according to her own lifestyle at her own convenience. It’s the ultimate learning environment for learning how to look more beautiful, therefore boosting her self esteem and confidence. You will be explained the easy every day makeup techniques along with the hands on practice with makeup.

Professional Make-Up Course

This 5 week comprehensive course will take you from a basic make up application to an advanced makeup specialist level. Our course is taught by an experienced makeup artist Konica herself. Each day during this course you will learn a large variety of tips and tricks that will enhance your bridal on her special day. You will go over a wide range of product and learn what to use in order to achieve the ideal make up look for your client.

Konica & Bollywood

Krushhh by Konica is the preferred choice for Bollywood Super Stars

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